The nextmoderator tool

Nextmoderator is an interactive tool for moderators that helps to generate a dynamic exchange of ideas, in which groups of almost any size can work together at solving issues – based on the objectives – from brainstorming to the development and assessment of concrete recommendations, measures or action plans. The modular structure of the tool enables the implementation of many popular, individually designed events. In contrast to a conventional moderator, the predominantly anonymous ideas and content are available to all the participants at all times, unleashing a dynamic exchange of ideas with a major focus on content. This reduces duplication and increases efficiency significantly.

In the constant interplay between generation and differentiated assessment, based on different aspects, such as priority, feasibility and sustainability, the nextmoderator process is quickly and dynamically condensed into subjects that are relevant to the group. The objective is to involve the participants more in development processes, through an open exchange of ideas via nextmoderator, thereby using the co-creativity and collective intelligence of the group. The results obtained with the help of this process are widely accepted by the participants, due to their consistent transparency and the involvement of all concerned parties.

The aim is to systematically involve participants in an open exchange of ideas using nextmoderator, thereby exploiting the creativity, intelligence and experience of the entire group. The advantages at a glance:

  • Free networking enables highly efficient event programmes

  • Comprehensive service for anything from few dozen to a thousand participants

  • Change plenum for small groups possible at any time, without changing rooms

  • Anonymity lowers the emotional barrier for involvement

  • All results are directly available in the form of documentation

  • Flexible, individual workshop designs for almost all issues

With the web version of the moderator tool, any number of participants can take advantage of the benefits of nextmoderator in web workshops, independent of time and space. To participate in a web workshop, participants simply log into a nextpractice server anonymously. The web variant also allows individual participants or entire locations to participate in live workshops.